Yellow hell

A forest of moaning suns blinds
the souls of the dead. Who
churn in and
out of the fire; formless.
Their bodies are empty screams,
their voices have
turned to ash.
Paradise is a million
miles downstream, far away
from this sea of flames
somewhere in the shadow of
another flickering star.


Earth Blues

It was raining fire when morning came. A blitz of yellow fury rained down upon Mother Earth’s bare skin. Demon faces yawned in colossal gaping hollows in the sky and down below, the ground had been scorched to its bones, screaming out in agony at the silent, deathly vacuum of the universe. No human eyes witnessed the devastation unfurling. A mass of stardust had slowly evolved into this revolving ball of liquid flames and airless mountains. The heart of the earth had a sun raging and boiling inside of it and its tentacles looked for avenues to shoot forth its heat into the venomous atmosphere. Occasionally massive space-pebbles loitering in the atmosphere would get drawn in by the sheer magnetic force that existed and earth-shattering collisions depressed the land. A terrible terrestrial symphony of grand proportions was being played out on all corners of the globe, rising into a deafening crescendo that seemed to stretch on and on endlessly. The slick surface of the snake-like magma streams bubbled with discontent and threatened to melt and assimilate anything within its path. Starry eyed nebulae watched the fireworks from afar, knowing they too would soon would set off chain reactions that would result in similar drama. Hovering above this horror of hellfires, an all encompassing layer of calm colourless cool sweated magically, defying gravity, witness to the magnificent catastrophe. Gradually, as this furnace dissipated its angst into the cold nothingness and the burning ceased, rippling reflections of the sky began to appear on the ground. The earth was now gloved in a sheet of puffy silver. Under the rippling waters different agents conspired to create green, slimy leaflings swaying with primordial delight infusing and defeating the toxicity with the assistance of the glowing Sun. The wrinkled surfaces of land fragmented themselves with assurance and might. Ridges rose to the sky and trenches sunk closer to the abyss filling themselves to the brim with eager water. An epidemic of photosynthesis spread like the plague, and the ground was pierced from within by the determination of seeds looking to break through and graze the clouds. The tops of trees stood out majestically amongst the ruins of a bygone era. Life forms previously unseen crawled and flew and hopped and swam in ecstatic abandon. The dinosaurs lorded over the land. Smiling flowers raised their multi-coloured heads and their honeyed fragrance sifted through the air. Rivers meandered their way around the slopes and valleys into the great oceans. Creatures small and big, short and tall, limbless and winged, airborne and earthbound, hungry and satiated, silent and screaming hunted and killed and leaped and soared and reproduced and died and evolved. Millions survived and billions didn’t. The spectacular orchestra of life grew in stature and magnitude and the dead gave way to the ever increasing living. It was then that man took his first steps on this paradise and blew the place straight to hell.