Symphonic Farewell

I saw my school unfurl
in a dream, the sun
swam in the concrete
and the
empty caves of classrooms
were oozing noise.
Boys my age and
younger than
me laughed from those
cool chambers, but where
are those
sounds now? I skim
over the surface and see
myself walking past
the basketball
courts, past the shade
and the cool air,
into the corridors. There is
no one waiting
for me there, no one
to look at my
homework or
examine my fingernails.
Laughter is all I hear.
Coming through the empty
chairs and past
the galaxies of dust
floating in the
shafts of afternoon light.
I descend the stairs
and walk barefoot out onto
the concrete.
The instinct to run
pulses through
my flesh. I start to run with
with the sound of
laughter still
in my ears. I run in
the heat of the afternoon
as the invisible symphony of
the vanished children
hurtles towards
one last


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